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The High Cost Of Rage

Have you ever been in the situation where you have a fit of rage and suddenly you start breaking things? The hard part about that is that sometimes the things you break may be expensive to replace or could even be irreplaceable.

What can make it worse is actually when your pets or other people in your household witness your fit of rage. Then you throw something too close to the dog and the dog yelps and starts crying. Suddenly you are filled with shame and it makes you overwhelmingly nauseous.

I have a couple suggestions. It’s important that you consider the impact that fits of rage has on others who you love. This tends to help because you while you may not be aware of the impact of the rage on yourself, it can be quite obvious how your rage affects your loved ones.

You also need to consider whether the shame you feel is useful or not. Sometimes shame can be a motivator for making changes in the way you metabolize and act out your anger. Sometimes shame can be so overwhelming that you become stuck.

If you’re interested in looking into rage, the effect it can have on others, and the shame it may cause you, simply comment below or send me a message.

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