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Surviving The Pandemic When You Have A Mental Health Condition

If you already have a mental health condition such as anxiety, living through a pandemic can make your symptoms worse. It’s important to manage your anxiety through “normal” times and it becomes especially important during crises.

If you aren’t able to manage your anxiety, your anxiety may become severe and you could have a panic attack. Panic attacks can mimic heart attacks and could send you to the Emergency Room. During this time, the Emergency Rooms are inundated. However, if you feel your life is in danger, please get help immediately.

Before your anxiety becomes severe, attempt grounding exercises. Try meditation. You can see this video to learn ways of meditating.

If you have a mental health condition be sure to create your wellness plan to manage it through this pandemic.

· If you take medications for your mental health condition, make sure you have enough medication on hand.

· Keep the routines that make you feel good, and try to modify the ones that you can. For example, if you typically go to the gym find a way to exercise at home.

· Reach out to friends and schedule regular check-ins via any available technology.

· Find an accountability and support buddy.

· If you have a therapist, see if they offer telephone or video-based sessions so you can continue therapy

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