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Returning To Work? Not So Fast, Perhaps

Today I'm in my office. I'm alone. I have no clients coming for sessions. I have several sessions in a row today, all online. It's hot outside and my office has air-conditioning so it's good to be here. And, I do have to check on my empty office periodically for mail, etc.

I get sad that my office sits empty. I would love to go back to in-person sessions. I would love to use this office for the purpose for which I rented it. But, alas, that's not the responsible thing to do.

I know there are places opening up around us even as cases and deaths increase. I see us going through stages of grief. The stages we are in are denial, anger, and bargaining. I understand them as a natural process of grieving for the way things were.

As this happens, I am doing the responsible thing for my clients. I'm keeping my office closed. Hopefully we can get to some acceptance that we will eventually need to do whatever is necessary to stop this pandemic. Until then, stay safe and stay well.

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