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Relationship Survival During Shelter-In-Place

As promised in the video, here are 6 tips for relationship survival during Shelter-in-Place

1. Supercharge Self-Care Eat healthy and balanced meals. Exercise at home, ride a bike, run, take walks. For outside activities, remember to maintain 6 feet between you and anyone who isn't part of your household. Limit consumption of news so you can get a break from it without preventing yourself from having the latest information available to keep yourself and your partner safe and well. Stay connected spiritually. Whatever your spiritual practice, find a way to adapt it to our current situation. It will help ground you through this uncertain time.

2. Schedule Sameness Develop a daily routine. Modify your regular routine to fit the circumstances of sheltering-in-place. Maintaining a regular daily routine can reduce stress between partners because each person knows what to expect and when to expect it.

2. Practice Patience Remember to pause before reacting when your partner pisses you off or annoys you. Take deep breaths when triggered.

3. Communicate Clearly And Regularly Be sure to schedule some "we time." Spend some time talking together every day. At all times, when you talk, be as clear as possible about your wants and needs. Be open to your partner's wants and needs.

4. Take Alone Time Sometimes what you need is a break from your partner. You may have to get creative if your space is small. Try spending some extra time alone in the bathroom if you have no other space in your living quarters.

5. Teamwork Remember that you have a partner in all senses and meaning of the word, "partner." Share daily household chores. Remember that you are in this together.

6. Practice Gratitude Now is a good time to pay attention to the positive things in life no matter how small. Make a gratitude list daily. Even on the worst of days find one thing you are grateful for. Even if it's just the fact that you made it through another day

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