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Has Someone Cheated On You And Left You? Part 2

Yesterday's video was about being in a situation where someone has cheated on you and left you. In that video I talked about how you may be feeling resentful and angry and unable to let go.

Today's video has a twist. The same situation has happened in that someone has cheated on you and left you. But this time, you have let go and moved on but the one who has cheated on you and left you but won't let go.

It's important to remember that you cannot control someone else's behavior. The best thing you can do in this situation is to take care of yourself by asserting your boundaries in a consistent and firm way. Hopefully, over time, the other person will receive the message and move on.

This situation becomes even more complex if there is domestic/intimate partner violence. In that case, you may need outside professional help including law enforcement to keep yourself safe.

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