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Frustrating Customer Service

Have you ever realized that whenever you call customer service you end up yelling at them? The hard part about that is you dread calling customer service for anything because you just know that you are going to be treated badly and that you are going to end up just yelling at them anyway.

What can make it worse is actually when a customer service representative starts asking you to speak calmly and they insist that they are just trying to help you. Then you yell even more and suddenly they hang up. You didn’t get your problem solved. You realize that you just wasted 25 minutes on hold just to get to a customer service representative and now when you need to call back you will end up waiting another 25 minutes or more just to talk to another customer service representative.

I have a couple suggestions. It’s important that you consider what part you have to play in these exchanges. This tends to help because the only person’s behavior you can change is yours. You also need to consider whether or not the way you speak to customer service representatives is preventing you from being able to get solutions to fixable problems.

If you’re interested in discovering how changing your behavior may achieve better results, simply comment below or send me a private message, and I can help you out.

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