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Frustrated yet? What to do about it.

Like you, I’m stuck inside during this shelter-in-place. I’m staring at the same walls. I’m with the same people all day. My activities are limited as yours are. How can we get through a frustrating time without blowing up?

Know you are frustrated First, become aware that you are frustrated. Before you can do something about it, awareness is key.

Lean into it

Fighting frustration will only lead to more frustration. Allow frustration to simply be. It’s unpleasant, but it won’t kill you. Frustration will pass, even though it feels like it lasts forever when you are in it.

Accept your situation

In order to find effective solutions to issues that frustrate you, you must find some acceptance of what is.

Practice mindfulness

Take some deep breaths. Step back from the situation and take a wide view. Practice meditation and go within to find your calm center. Becoming mindful can help manage frustration.

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