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Fear Itself

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself…” during his 1933 Inaugural Address to a nation in the grips of the Great Depression. The nation was afraid as it is today.

Fear is a valid response to a threat. It’s part of our survival instinct. It helps us to avoid danger by “flight or freeze.” Depending on the situation, fear can be life-saving. Examine your fears today. There are rational fears that could help you make it through this crisis. For example, are you afraid of catching COVID-19? Then practice good hygiene, wear a face covering, and follow directions for physical distancing.

However our fear can become completely paralyzing. It could prevent us from being able to cope with life as it is. Also, fear can become so overwhelming that you become numb to it and you ignore all caution. That numbness to fear can interfere with good decision making.

So, how do you manage fear so that you don’t completely ignore it and become numb nor so that you are so filled with fear you cannot act to do what it takes to make it through another day?

One thing to consider is that you need to acknowledge your fear. Examine it. Consider whether your fear has a basis in reality. If it does, then decide what to do about it. It’s important that you also take a break from your fear when you have done everything possible to address it.

How are you managing fear during this pandemic? Comment below or send me a message and we can help you to manage your fear.

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