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Fear Is Contagious

Fear is spreading faster than the virus. Manifestations of the fear that is going around are hoarding, yelling at people who you believe aren’t physical distancing, compulsive cleaning behaviors, etc. It’s important to pay attention to your fear, it’s a useful survival tool. And, it’s important you manage it so that it doesn’t take over your life and interfere with your ability to make it through this crisis and to be a good neighbor, friend, family member, and citizen.

Take A Break Take a break from consuming news and other media. You can assume that the news is not good and you can always catch up on the latest news later after your break. Coverage is constant on cable news networks and online. You can tap in whenever you feel like it. So, turn away from it for a while every day. Get a break.

Take Deep Breaths Take some slow deep breaths. It takes about 5 deep breaths for your body and mind to reach a calmer state. Deep breaths can be a gateway to meditation. Meditation allows your mind to take a break. If you can’t go out, go deep within with meditation. Find your calm center. Trust me, it’s there.

Do Something Fun OK, so we cannot engage in our fun activities outside of the house. We can reconnect with hobbies and fun activities at home that we have left behind when our lives were much busier. Rediscover your board games, cards, video games, knitting, coin collection, stamp collection, baking, etc. You get the idea.

Reach Out To Others You can use your phone for making voice phone calls or video calls. Make it a point to reach out to someone outside of your house online daily via any platform you can use. Talking to others can be a good support. If your fear gets especially crippling, reach out for professional help. Find a therapist in your area who does online sessions. A therapist in your area will be someone who you can meet in person when the shelter-in-place is over.

Pray – Do Your Spiritual Practice Praying is a way of handing an overwhelming and scary situation over to a higher power. For those who believe in a power greater than themselves, prayer is a comfort.

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