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Emerging Mental Health Crisis

The article that spawned this video is, "Health Care Worker Suicides Hint At The COVID-19 Mental Health Crisis To Come."

I hope that as this unfolds, we finally wake up to the fact that we have woefully inadequate mental health services because we honestly haven't prioritized mental health. Our health system tends to focus on physical health and it devalues mental health.

Unfortunately, what that does is that physical health workers facing dealth every day on the front lines of COVID-19 may not have the mental health support to make it through the mental health challenges they are facing and will be facing in the aftermath. This could mean that we see more physical health workers ending their own lives in despair. This tragedy doesn't need to happen.

If you are a front-line physical health worker and you need support, and I know you are here reading and watching, please reach out to me.

#COVID19response #COVID19mentalhealth #COVID19suicide #COVID19trauma

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