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Economic Insecurity During The Pandemic

Fear and anxiety about our economic future is up right now with record unemployment and radical change in how we work and do business. It is natural to have anxiety and even to despair, especially if you lose your job or your business.

The thing is that my generation (Generation X) and younger have always faced a quickly changing economy with huge economic disruptions. There was the 1991 Recession, 9/11, The Great Recession of 2008, and our current recession. Then, technology has radically changed the economy, transformed the way we work, eliminated whole industries, and gave rise to whole new industries.

My journey and our generation's journey has been about retooling and changing to adapt to whatever economic environment is current.

These days, it would be natural to despair and become highly anxious about your own economic future. It's important to realize that there is a future for you.

If you find yourself so depressed and/or anxious that you cannot function in a way that allows you to make it through another day and make decisions that allow you to adapt, please reach out to a therapist like me. Don't let your anxiety and depression get in the way of making it through this pandemic and coming out the other side.

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