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Dealing With Uncertainty

During times of uncertainty try the following:

Let Go of Control

Control is an illusion. We participate in the illusion that we are in control during “normal” times because it gives us a sense of safety. During times of uncertainty, we need to face the reality that control is an illusion. Accept that we can’t control anything.

Stop Avoiding Uncertainty

Don’t run away from it. The sooner you embrace uncertainty, the sooner you can stop wasting the energy it takes to deny your current reality and start doing something to manage your life.

Listen and Reflect

Pay attention to what is going on around you. Listen to your inner calm voice. Remember that you have faced uncertainty before. Pay attention to how others are living successfully with uncertainty.

Be Open To Possibilities

Times of uncertainty present possibilities and options for living life differently. If you open to possibilities, you can harness the creative energy of the moment. Adapt with the changes. When things become less uncertain, you will emerge transformed.

Think Good Thoughts

Negative thinking during times of uncertainty almost always leads to self-fulfilling prophecies. If you envision disaster, often you see disaster only. Do your best to bring your focus to the good things in your current situation, no matter how small.

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