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Conquer Your Perfectionism

Conquering Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a closed system. It’s obsessive. At its core is anxiety. It prevents you from getting stuff done. Perfectionism is the enemy of creativity. Once caught in the grip of perfectionism, it’s hard to escape. During these times, it’s important to let go of your perfectionism. Right now, “good enough,” is the best policy. Here are some suggestions:

1. Be yourself

Now is the time to find out who you are without all of the regular distractions. Often perfectionists become “human doings” instead of human beings in their quest for perfection. Relax into yourself. Allow your true self to emerge as the regular distractions fade away.

2. Embrace reality

Reality is imperfect. If you are expecting yourself to function at the level you were functioning before our current crisis, reset your expectations. Be OK with doing the best you can under the circumstances.

3. Get back to basics

Our lives are often over-full with many minute complexities that don’t really matter. When faced with your inability to check off everything on your pre-crisis “to do” lists, ask yourself, “How important is it?” Right now keeping your household safe and healthy is what’s important. All else is secondary. Think about it. By focusing on the basics you free yourself from the burden of all of that non-essential “busy-ness.”

4. Embrace your vulnerabilities and celebrate your mistakes

Times like these remind all of us that we are human after all. We all have vulnerabilities. We all need help sometimes. And as human beings, if we are putting any effort into living, we all make mistakes. Celebrate them. Mistakes are simply gateways to learning. Be open to the lessons life offers you through making glorious mistakes.

5. Eliminate “all or nothing” thinking

When you come right down to it, life is rarely an “all or nothing” proposition. For example, due to hoarding and supply interruptions we are all being called to be creative with whatever is available at your local grocery store. Those meals you were planning to astound yourself and your family at this time may not come to fruition after all. So, do you stop cooking because you cannot get all of the ingredients for your “perfect meal?” No, you don’t. You have to eat. Now is the time to try new things and expand your horizons.

6. Let go of being competitive

From pre-school onwards, we are graded on our performance. We are grouped in classes based on those grades and our performances. After we get our education, we are constantly competing with one another for jobs, finding housing, etc. What’s the message you got from all of this competition? You are being told, “You aren’t good enough.” You are being told that the best you can do isn’t good enough. Now is the time to let that go. Survival is enough.

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