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Changes. They Are Coming.

It's difficult to really contemplate how much has changed, how much is changing, and how much will change due to this pandemic. On my end, since Shelter-in-Place was issued, I closed my office and moved my entire practice online to be safe and to keep my clients safe. I started doing these videos daily as a resource to anyone who finds them.

I could have always continued to see clients in my office since mental health services are considered essential. it just didn't seem to be the wise thing to do when considering everyone's safety.

Today there is buzz that our govenor, Gavin Newsom, is going to make changes to our Stay At Home orders for the state possibly loosening some restrictions. I'm not sure how this will affect the 6 counties around the Bay that have cooperated in issuing more restrictive Shelter-In-Place orders even before the state issued its own orders.

But, contemplating opening up my office again has it's own set of issues. Things won't go back to the way things were before the pandemic, especially initially when I open back up. There is a lot logistically that has to be worked out to keep clients physically distant, disinfection, spacing out appointments, etc. At the moment, there's not a lot of direction on what to do and it's changing daily.

Stay tuned and I will keep you all filled in. Please comment below about all the changes you have been seeing. Contemplate how things will look once we emerge out of our current health orders. What will be different? Will anything be the same?

Stay safe and well. Take Care.

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