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Are You Sad?

Are you sad? It's very understandable. There is so much going on to be sad about.

We have passed 100,000 coronavirus deaths in this country. That's 100,000 loves ones who didn't get a chance to have any family or friends around as they passed away. Behind those deaths are many more people who are left behind grieving their losses.

Also, there is more going on beyond that. Another young African American man was killed by a white officer with other officers looking on in Minneapolis. There is justifiable anger as evidenced by the rioting. Beyond and underneath it all is an enduring sadness at a life cut short and the injustice of systemic racism.

Yes, there is so much going on to make us sad. How do you cope? It's important not to deny your sadness. Lean into it. Honor it. It's a worthy emotion that deserves to be experienced.

If sadness becomes debilitating and you cannot function, talk to someone like a friend or relative. If that doesn't help, contact a therapist.

Whatever you do, don't judge yourself for being sad. Allow it to be and it will eventually pass as all emotions do.

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