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Are You Bored Yet?

Sheltering-in-place can be very boring. You may run out of things to do or you may feel uninspired to try new things. Unfortunately, boredom can lead to depression and even anxiety. It’s important to find things to do.

Here are some things you can try to fight boredom.

  1. Use technology to meet virtually with others to do things with one another. Have a happy hour with friends on video chat. Sing with others on video chat. Play board games on video chat. Play dance music and dance with others over video chat. There’s a lot you can do with others via technology.

  2. Draw, paint, or sculpt. Do something artistic. You don’t have to be a good artist to do this. You can get on video chat and have painting parties with others.

  3. Do some coloring. Try a coloring book or print out a free coloring page from online.

  4. Listen to new music. Sometimes we get stuck in listening to the same old music. There is an entire world out there with all kinds of sounds. Explore them.

  5. Lip-Sync or karaoke using YouTube or a music streaming program.

  6. Make a funny video or a music video and share it online.

  7. Take dance lessons using YouTube.

  8. Read a book. Now would be a good time to get out that book you bought and have been meaning to read for months or even years and actually to read it.

  9. Use what you have in your closet and have a dress up party. Go online via video and do it with friends.

  10. Listen to a new audio book or podcast. Watch a documentary.

  11. Watch comedians online; laughter helps relieve stress as well as boredom.

  12. Write a story. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, you can do this. Don’t worry about punctuation or grammar. Just do it.

  13. Take an online class. Learn a new language, a cooking class, or art class.

  14. Send a surprise package to someone you know that they will enjoy. Order something online or over the phone and have it sent to someone you know. It can be fun to surprise other people with something they may enjoy.

  15. Find a new video game to play on your own or to play online with friends.

  16. Go to Google Maps and virtually tour a place you are longing to go. It’s not the same as going there on vacation but it can be a nice distraction and discovery.

  17. Unclutter your life. You know that junk door, closet, cabinet or garage that you’ve been meaning to clean out? Get to it. As you declutter, you can look for things to donate.

  18. Are there any home projects you have been putting off? Now is a good time to do them.

  19. Move your body. Exercise. Do some yoga.

  20. Get outside even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Be sure to maintain your physical distance if there are other people around.

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