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Are You Anxious About Returning to "Normal?"

It's ok to be anxious as more localities are starting to open and move toward "normalcy" as it was pre-pandemic. Some places have simply opened back up as if nothing happened. Other places are slowly opening in phases. Then, there are places like where we are in Alameda County where we are staying home for the foreseeable future.

It's important to consider your level of comfort in returning to activities you did and to places you visited before the pandemic. It's true that the virus is still out there. And, even if it were "perfectly safe" to go back to your pre-pandemic life, you may have anxiety because you may not trust that it is actually safe.

I would suggest taking your time in deciding to return to activities you did and places you visited pre-pandemic. You don't have to go at anyone else's speed. And it's important to consider whether or not you want everything that went with your pre-pandemic life. Now is a chance to be thoughtful about what you value and whether or not aspects of your pre-pandemic life were good for you.

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