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Anger As A Response To Fear

1. Our current situation is scary. Fear is a rational response. Fear is normal.

2. Fear evolved to help us survive. We are faced with our own survival at this time. Fear elicits an immediate fight, flight, or freeze response.

3. Anger is the “fight” response. Anger provides energy as all emotions do. Anger gives rise to the energy needed to defend ourselves. Anger is normal.

4. Anger may help you feel powerful. It can make you feel fearless. Remember that when anger comes from fear, it is ultimately a response to fear and it is fear-based. Therefore, underneath this kind of anger, you are still afraid.

5. Often we are afraid of our own feelings. Often anger pops up when we are unable to face our other feelings. Anger is a release of the fear of facing our other feelings such as fear itself.

6. Anger is motivation to engage in self-defense. This can be useful during this time when we all need to take action in order to survive.

7. It is important to manage anger so that it doesn’t boil over into rage. Rage gets in the way of being able to use your intellect to think before you act. Thinking before you act is an essential survival skill.

8. To manage anger during this time, try to stay present with your fear. Listen to it. True courage is feeling the fear and continuing to act in ways that promote wellness and security.

9. Remember that all feelings are temporary. Even though fear feels like it will be your reality forever, try to remember that you have experienced fear before and it passed. This too shall pass.

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