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Resources For Sex

Articles on Sex and Sexuality

  • Peg Rosen, Medically Reviewed by Allison Young, MD, Healthy Sex: The Ultimate Guide, Everyday Health - This article covers a broad overview of healthy sexuality. It covers the more mainstream view of what constitutes healthy sexuality.

  • Jean M. Twenge, PhD, Why We're Having More Same-Sex Relationships Than Ever, (June 1, 2016), Psychology Today - This article talks about how growing acceptance and awareness of same-sex sex and sexuality has opened the door for more people to discover themselves and their own complex sexualities.

Articles on Sexuality in Relationships


Articles on Out of Control Sexual Behaviors and Shame

  • Mayo Clinic, Compulsive Sexual Behavior, (Oct. 5, 2017) - This article outlines the definition, symptoms, causes, risk factors, and prevention around compulsive sexual behavior.

  • Amanda L. Giordano and Craig S. Cashwell, Addicted to sex?, (August 7, 2018), Counseling Today - This article outlines features and origins of sexual compulsion/sex addiction. It also talks about the conversation mental health professionals are having around labeling for people who engage in out of control sexual behaviors. 

  • Douglas Braun-Harvey, LMFT, CGP, CST and Michael A. Vigorito, LMFT, LCPC, CGP, Is Sex Addiction Real?, from Goop Wellness - This article talks about why there is a growing consensus among sex therapists to move away from a Sex Addiction/Sexual Compusive model to a model that helps people embrace their complex sexualities.

  • Jesse Singal, Should Shame Be Used To Treat Sexual Compulsions?, (January 21, 2017), The Cut in New York Magazine - This article outlines the origins of the conversation around the dominant models around treating out of control sexual behaviors (OCSB). The difference is around how to approach shame in treatment.

  • David J. Ley, PhD, Overcoming Religious Sexual Shame, (August 23, 2017), Psychology Today - This article talks about the relationship between shame and sexuality stemming from religious upbringing and participation.

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