• Jason Ranieri

Confusion And Frustration With Local Health Orders

Are you confused about what health orders are in effect where you live? In Alameda County we have had our Shelter-In-Place orders change effective today. Shelter-in-Place has been extended through May 4. The rules have changed. Some have been relaxed a bit.

And the reality on the ground is that every place, store, park, etc. in your local area may have different protocols and rules to follow. This is our new reality.

It's frustrating. Definitely frustrating. It's important to read the orders and do your best. Try to simply allow yourself to do the best you can and be gentle with yourself. Here is the link to Alameda County's orders:

http://www.acphd.org/2019-ncov/shelter-in-place.aspx #COVID19response #COVID19mentalhealth #COVID19frustration #COVID19confusion


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