Identifying as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered, gender non-conforming, questioning, queer, intersex, two-spirit, and/or asexual impacts every facet of your life. While advances in civil rights for LGBTQIA+ people have been achieved through great struggle over the years, you still face discrimination and systematic oppression that can negatively impact your self-esteem, mood, major life decisions, etc. Issues of intersectionality come into play when you hold multiple identities where you experience discrimination and oppression.

My office is a safe place to come and explore your entire being. You are free and encouraged to bring your entire self into the room. Through our work together, you can grow into your whole self and become empowered with the tools you need to grow and develop in the ways that you need and desire.


Jason D. Ranieri, LMFT

303 West Joaquin Avenue, Suite 105

San Leandro, CA 94577

T: 510-345-1731


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