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Finances and Policies

Appointment Time by Type of Session:

Individual Session - 50 minutes

Couples Session - 90 minutes

A Note About The Value of Therapy:

By meeting regularly, we have the opportunity to build momentum, fully explore your story and work more steadily toward your therapy goals. This process is an investment you make in yourself in order to improve your life and your relationships.

A Note About Insurance:

I am not in-network on any insurance panels therefore I do not bill insurance directly. My first priority as a therapist is to maintain clients' confidentiality, and in light of this goal, I have decided to avoid sharing sensitive information with insurance companies. Additionally, some insurance companies tend to limit, rush, or otherwise negatively influence the organic process of counseling and the quality of the trusting relationship I aim to build with my clients.


If you have a PPO insurance plan that provides coverage for out-of-network providers, I am happy to supply you with monthly receipts that you can use to be reimbursed for a portion of your therapy expenses. Check with your plan directly to find out what they cover.


Cancellations & Missed Appointments:

If you need to cancel your scheduled appointment, you must do so more than 48 hours in advance of the appointment. If you cancel your appointment with less than 48-hour’s notice (unless you are able to reschedule for a later time that same week) or do not show up for your appointment without any prior notice, then I will charge you the full fee for the session. This policy applies to all scheduled sessions including the first session. Please be aware that insurance will not reimburse for missed appointments.


Please call me at 510-345-1731 to get a free consultation.

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