Let's stop the fighting

Hello, I’m Jason.

When couples come to see me they are often at their wits end. They are having lots of unpleasant fights and these fights may result in fearing the relationship is coming to an end. Some of the things they tell me are…

“I’m always watching out for the next sneak attack”

“Whenever we fight he says hurtful things and runs”

“She pins all of this on me”

“I feel like we have settled down in suburbia. The passion is gone.”

“I feel like giving up on everything”

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Here’s how I work

My first task is to turn down the temperature so that you can talk to one another. I have developed a program to encourage you to do the work of fixing things together. When you go through my program you will be able to...

Talk about things without worry

Compromise while getting what you want and need

Avoid taking responsibility for things that aren’t yours

Have fun together even when things don’t go perfectly

Keep passion alive

… and so much more

About Me


My mission is to help you to develop the skills to be able to talk effectively even when you are angry with one another. I have a lot of experience over the years helping angry adolescents and young adults to manage the overwhelm that comes with feeling like no one is on their side. I graduated from John F. Kennedy University in 2005 with an MA in Counseling Psychology, became licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in California in 2013, and then in Nevada in 2022. I'm part of the LGBTQIA+ community and I work well with polyamory, BDSM, and kink. I’m always working on creating new and better ways to work with couples. Current projects include continued development of my programs for “Should I stay or should I go?,” “Break the anger,” and “He never follows through.” Check this space for the latest updates.

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